Shops in Franklin, WI

Shopping In Franklin, WI

From Boutiques to Big Brands, Retail Therapy Awaits

Franklin's diverse retail scene is a shopaholic's paradise, offering chic boutiques, big-name brands and everything in between. Whether hunting for fashion, home decor or the perfect souvenir, Franklin's diverse retailers promise an unparalleled shopping adventure.


Whether you're a baseball player, coach, family member or fan, Baseballism has got something for you. The Official Lifestyle Brand of Baseball is here to fit all of our visitors at Ballpark Commons who love the class, tradition and history of baseball. With a wide variety of products from shirts, ho...
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Wheel & Sprocket

Ballpark Commons is home to Franklin's community bicycle shop. Wheel & Sprocket is a full-service bike shop and the best in the business. Wheel & Sprocket brings a high degree of experience, energy, knowledge and passion to our community. Not only are they selling the highest quality bicycles around...
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Beef Jerky Outlet

At the Beef Jerky Outlet, we are a highly specialized grocery store with food items that have a shelf life greater than 12 months so despite current events we are continuing to provide medical facilities, businesses, and guests with healthy and lean protein foods including portable steak, dried frui...
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